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It is with great sadness that we have come to the decision to cancel this year’s Tour de Hood Ride.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this will cause those who were planning to do the event. Unfortunately it seems the new date of June 14th conflicts with graduations, and a number of activities in peoples schedules. To date we only have 15 registrations. We will be issuing full refunds to those who have already registered as well as offering a… free entry into one of our other Breakaway Promotions owned events this year or next year. We love this event and the courses are amazing so we will look to make date changes for next year and plan to be back.

The Tour de Hood offers you an opportunity to experience amazing scenery, challenging roads and more on June 14th! Participants are in for a challenging day of riding over thousands of feet of climbing, with unforgettable views and twisting descents. Our hard-working staff and volunteers ensure they have a fantastic time, fueling up with rest stops in locations with local flavor.

There will be 3 route options offered this year including the legendary 3 Summits Course that saw World and Olympic Champions duke it out at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic over the past decade. In addition to this classic course we are offering an even tougher challenge for those hearty enough to take it on. The Tour de Hood Ultimate Challenge is a race around Mt. Hood. That is right our new course will circumnavigate this pristine peak taking riders over 8500 feet of elevation and 85 miles. This is truly for those who are ready for the Ultimate Challenge as this course is a mix of asphalt and roughly 7 miles of gravel roads in addition to a number of brutal climbs. This is not for the week or faint of heart.

Tour Testimonials

"The toughest and most beautiful ride I have ever done. The adrenaline high lasted 2 days after!"

"What a challenge! It was a thrill to be on the same course as the racers."

"I rode the long day and had a great time. The course was beautiful and the race was well supported."

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